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We are what we eat in mind, body & spirit and it's hard to get the right nutrients into our diets.

Functional Mushrooms provide game changing nutrients for our bodies; lowering inflammation and encouraging new growth of neurons!  

We have researched some of the best functional mushroom products and feature them here.  Enjoy!



Packed with Life
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Our Story

Boulder, Colorado is an organic food and wellness oasis. Packed with Life first emerged as a tea manufacturer from a collaboration of energy-focused wellness and nutrition efforts.  We created a highly potent, adaptogenic superfood beverage which supports your immune system response against diseases,  provides all-day, decaf energy (less caffeine than a cup of decaf coffee) so you can settle into a normal sleep routine, and powers your brain with focus and clarity without the jitters of coffee or caffeine.  Since discovering the amazing benefits of functional mushrooms, we have morphed Packed with Life into a wellness hub focused on linking our customers with the best functional mushroom products. 

Our mission is to educate all about the power of nutrition and a portion of all profits is given to help feed those in need of food.   Thank you!

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