We are what we eat in mind, body & spirit and it's hard to get the right nutrients into our diets.

Tea is a spiritual and communal ritual and our mission is to encourage growth of knowledge about nutrition and spirituality.

Loaded with 4 Mushrooms + 12 Organic Adaptogens our tea is Packed with Life


We are a WBENC certified women-owned tea manufacturer and online tea store.

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Our Story

Boulder, Colorado is literally a natural and organic food and wellness paradise.  We are so fortunate to live here and have access to such amazing healthy foods, beverages, and energy healers. Packed with LifeTM ImmuneATeaTM  emerged as a tea manufacturer from a collaboration of energy-focused wellness and nutrition as a highly potent adaptogenic beverage to help improve the immune system response.  Mushroom tea has always been a favorite way to enjoy the Reishi benefits and the benefits of Chaga, Lion’s Mane benefits and Cordyceps benefits. By adding in 12 other organic adaptogens to construct a great flavor, we created the best mushroom supplement and mushroom tea.

Stress is everywhere around us and can be all consuming.  The good news is that our bodies are naturally designed to adapt to these external stresses – if we give them the right nutrition. Packed with Life mushroom tea is the best immune booster by delivering 16 powerful adaptogens for all in one support for your immune system, lungs, heart, brain, digestion, energy and mood.  With the first product in our online tea store, Immune A TeaTM , we realized that it’s hard to get all of the adaptogens into your diet that you need to support a strong immune system plus all-day energy and brain power. 

Packed with Life ImmuneATea is featuring what we believe to be the four most important adaptogenic mushrooms:  Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, and Chaga along with 12 other organic adaptogenic herbs and spices blended into a great tasting and convenient mushroom tea.

Beyond delivering best immune booster performance along with all-day decaf energy and brain power, two things were important to us as we created the Packed with Life tea manufacturer business:

  1. Taste is beyond critical to us!  If it doesn’t taste good, who wants to drink it?  While adaptogenic mushrooms are the best immune boosters, we know that most mushroom beverages don’t taste great.  Packed with Life ImmuneATea is different!   We focused on blending specific organic adaptogenic herbs and spices to provide a great tasting flavor that is as important to us as the benefits of reishi and the other ingredients themselves.

  2. Convenience, convenience, convenience.  We are all living on-the-go lives where time is always of the essence.  Unlike other adaptogenic beverages, loose leaf teas or powders, with Packed with Life ImmuneATea you don’t need a french press, tea infuser, or blender.  Just put a bag into a cup, fill with boiling water, multi-task for 4-5 min, then enjoy with no clean up! Pro tip: Brew 2 bags in one cup of water then add to a water bottle full of ice for on the go health!

We are a WBENC certified Women-Owned online tea store and tea manufacturer. 

Note: One cup of Packed with Life Mushroom Tea contains LESS caffeine than does one cup of decaffeinated coffee.