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4 Fun Facts About Mushrooms You Wish You Knew

What are the most interesting facts that you know about mushrooms? Have you ever wondered what makes this fungus so popular? Learning about these four facts will help you improve how you view this delicate food. Read on to learn more.

1. They're Fruits

You'd be surprised to find that the mushrooms that you find scattered on the forest floor when you’re foraging are actually fruits. There’s a bigger part of an organism that you’ll find when you dig deeper underground. This comes in the form of a mycelium.

The mycelium is part of fungi, and it’s mostly vegetative. It consists of hyphae that branch out in single-cell strands. This fungus needs to have a fruiting body.

This is how mushrooms are formed. The fungus will disperse spores. In turn, these spores should create the mushrooms that you enjoy for different uses.

2. Giant Mushrooms Exist

Did you know that you can find a 2400-year-old mushroom in Oregon? In fact, this mushroom that’s commonly known as a honey mushroom has been referred to as one of the largest living organisms that have ever been discovered. It outlines the forest for an estimated 3.5 miles across.

In fact, it doesn’t have an estimated weight even though it covers such a massive surface area. When you don’t know what to look for, you’ll only notice a cluster of dead trees. Yet, there’s a pattern for how this giant mushroom sprawls across on the forest floor.

According to research, the main reason for the continuous growth of this giant fungus can be the dry climate in this part of the country. However, for it to survive, it needs to feed off on the surrounding trees by invading the roots to disturb any absorption of nutrients and water.

3. Some Mushroom Species Taste Like Chicken

Would you believe it if you bit into a mushroom and all that you could taste was deep-fried chicken? The thing is, this is extremely possible. You can find a whole species of mushrooms that taste like fried chicken.

In casual terms, this species is known as the Chicken of the Woods. You’ll notice it by its strikingly yellow/orange hues, as well as its impressive size. You’ll be surprised when you taste it.

This mushroom species can either be parasitic by feeding on live trees, or they can be saprotrophic by feeding on dead trees. This is why you’re likely to find them growing on the base of either a dead or living tree.

4. They Boost Brain Communication

Nowadays, there’s a growing trend of people relying on mushroom supplements to enhance their brain activity. Research studies suggest that functional mushrooms like Reishi, Lion's Mane, Chaga and Cordyceps can help you experience hyper-connected brain activity, while mushrooms that contain psilocybin might disrupt your brain’s normal communication network.

Hyper-connected brain activity results in parts of your brain that don’t normally work together being connected. Experts state that this could be an excellent option for you to shift your perspective and positively deal with debilitating disorders such as depression and PTSD. Further implications of adding the best immune booster mushrooms to your diet are that brain fog and dull brain energy are eliminated.

Mushrooms must generally be prepared to taste good. However, delicious, adaptogen rich mushroom tea is easy way to eliminate brain fog and to address energy dips by getting natural, decaf energy that lasts all day. Check out the best online tea store,, from tea supplier, Packed with Life. Packed with Life is an innovative tea manufacturer based in Boulder, Colorado.

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