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Reishi, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane & Chaga Mushroom Tea: Best Immune Booster Tea Benefits

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

The Reishi, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane and Chaga mushroom benefits are becoming more well known as the health benefits of adaptogenic mushrooms and other adaptogenic herbs are many. Whether it be adaptogens for sleep, adaptogens for stress, adaptogens for energy, or adaptogens for weight loss - consumer interest in Chaga mushroom benefits, Lion’s Mane mushroom benefits, the benefits of other adaptogenic mushrooms and other adaptogenic herbs grows every day as more and more people learn about the amazing benefits of adaptogens, including supporting a strong immune system.

Adaptogen blends, mushroom blends and adaptogenic herbs are now being presented to consumers in a variety of forms. There’s the mushroom elixir, mushroom coffee, adaptogen coffee, mushroom blend, or adaptogen powder. While many forms of adaptogen blends exist, it really comes down to taste for most people. While adaptogen coffee, mushroom coffee, or mushroom coffee alternatives generally don't taste great, drinking a great tasting immune boosting tea easily purchases from an online tea store is a convenient way to consume healthy adaptogen mushroom nutrients which provide all-day natural decaf energy, clear away brain fog and provide the best immune booster.

We applaud the mushroom elixir, mushroom coffee alternative, and adaptogen coffee brands given that their blends and powders support a healthy immune system. However, we wanted to improve upon the adaptogen drink taste experience, so we created the great-tasting Original Mushroom Blend from Packed With Life Immune A Tea which features twelve organic adaptogenic herbs including Turmeric, Ginger, Cacao and Cinnamon.

While the science around adaptogenic mushrooms, Chaga mushroom benefits, Lion’s Mane mushroom benefits and benefits of adaptogenic herbs in general is still emerging, we will attempt here to provide perspective in a simplified manner so that all can grasp the potential benefits of adding adaptogenic mushrooms to your diet.

What Are Adaptogens?

Before we address the many natural benefits of adaptogenic mushrooms and other adaptogenic herbs, let’s first establish what an adaptogen is and why adaptogens are important nutrients that are missing from the diets of a majority of people. Let’s start breaking things down with the word “adapt.”

The word “adapt” generally means to modify or adjust to new conditions. More technically, adapt can mean “any alteration in the structure or function of an organism or any of its parts by which the organism becomes better fitted to survive and multiply in its environment” (

In ancient times, our bodies were constantly stressed for survival in ways that most of us cannot imagine today. However, the diets of our ancestors were filled with many more highly nutritious plants, herbs and adaptogenic mushrooms than most of us receive today. These plants and fungi, known as adaptogens, played a big role in the survival and flourishing of mankind. In fact, ancient Chinese medicines and Ayurvedic healing processes understand Chaga mushroom benefits, Lion’s Mane mushroom benefits and the benefits of adaptogenic mushrooms. Adaptogenic herbs and plants have been used for centuries to address a variety of conditions that we will discuss.

Adaptogens are mushroom (fungi) and plant-based nutrients which help our bodies adapt to the ever-changing conditions (i.e. stress) in order to better survive in our world! What better time to add adaptogens to your diet than now given that stress levels have arguably never been higher? As opposed to fighting disease, adaptogenic mushrooms and other adaptogens deliver a balance of mind, body and spirit while promoting good health. Studies suggest that adaptogenic mushrooms and plants help foster a strong, healthy immune system response during stressful times.

Why is Stress So Harmful?

Your body rev’s up when under stress which strains your immune system and makes you more vulnerable to viruses and bacteria. By revving up, we mean the adrenal glands. Your adrenal glands produce hormones which work to regulate the impact of stress on your immune system, blood pressure, metabolism, and other critical functions.

But, when you’re under stress your body’s adrenal glands begin to operate in what’s known as “fight or flight mode” by releasing hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. In ancient times, these hormones helped us stay alive by giving us the energy to ward off the lion hiding outside of the cave. Today, not so much.

Too much cortisol from stressful conditions can be harmful in that it can harm the immune system, increase blood-sugar levels, increase blood pressure, and can cause liver problems.

While stress raises your blood pressure, making you more susceptible to stroke and to heart attacks or heart disease (the number one killer of those in the US), too much stress also harms your immune system making you more vulnerable to viruses and bacteria.

What Do Adaptogens Do?

While more research is needed to quantify the specific benefits, adaptogens have been studied for some time in military settings as ways to help healthy soldiers work at even greater levels. By having adaptogenic mushrooms and adaptogenic herbs in our diet, we are better able to deal with and process the stress that is present in our everyday lives. One could argue that mankind might not exist today without the nutrition and balance provided by mushroom adaptogens and other plant-based adaptogens. It’s time to bring them back to help during these unprecedented times.

Our bodies are amazing technologies which are designed in a highly complex manner to naturally heal and thrive. Adaptogenic mushrooms and other adaptogenic herbs appear to be key inputs for our bodies to naturally balance and regulate our response during or after times of heavy stress. By promoting this natural balance, or homeostasis, adaptogenic mushrooms and other adaptogens help our bodies continue to thrive during changing conditions.

Recently, much conversation has emerged around Chaga mushroom benefits, Lion’s Mane mushroom benefits and the benefits of other adaptogenic mushrooms for immunity support; given the new focus on how to naturally strengthen your immune system. Many seeking natural immune system support today are searching to identify the best mushrooms for immune system health. Specifically, the adaptogen Chaga mushroom, along with mushroom adaptogens, Reishi, Cordyceps, and Lion’s Mane are considered among the best immune boosters.

More specifically, as part of helping the body adapt to and manage stress, Chaga and other adaptogenic mushrooms and other plant-based adaptogens may provide support for:

● Healthy immune system and lungs

● Natural, focused energy and attention

● Healthy heart

● Calm, healthy brain and positive mood

● Healthy digestion, cholesterol, weight loss

Adaptogenic Herbs List

Adaptogens are natural mushrooms (fungi), plants, and adaptogenic herbs that can be added to your diet to support your immune system. The mushroom adaptogens and adaptogenic herbs list is long. Here we will outline a few of the best mushrooms for immune system support and other plant-based, adaptogenic herbs. This adaptogen herbs list includes the adaptogens Reishi, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane and the adaptogen Chaga, together considered among the best mushrooms for immune system support:

● Reishi mushroom

● Cordyceps mushroom

● Lion’s Mane mushroom

● Chaga mushroom

● Rooibos

● Matcha Green Tea

● Fo-Ti Root

● Astragalus

● Brahmi

● Turmeric

● Ginger

● Cinnamon

● Black Pepper

● Cacao

● Chili

● Pomegranate

In particular given current viral conditions, all of these adaptogens in this adaptogenic herbs list may provide support for a healthy immune system and lungs and many of these also address most of the other known possible adaptogen benefit areas:

Natural, focused energy and attention (Decaf Energy)

Healthy heart

Calm, healthy brain and positive mood

Healthy digestion, cholesterol, and weight loss.

If you’re interested in this adaptogenic herbs list including four of the best mushrooms for immune system support, check out the tea manufacturer, Packed with Life. This adaptogenic herbs list is featured in their Original Mushroom Blend Immune A Tea ( Tea supplier, Packed with Life offers the best immune booster tea via its online tea store, Often considered to be the best mushrooms for immune system support, the adaptogens featured in Packed With Life Immune A Tea are the adaptogens Reishi, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, and the adaptogen Chaga.

Why are Adaptogens Important to your body?

Remember the old saying: “you are what you eat”? Well that’s always been true and can be traced back to Hypocrates’s famous saying “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” What we eat has always been tremendously important and today most of us don’t get enough adaptogenic nutrients in our diets.

With stress increasing all around us, there has never been a more important time to honor the spirit of these sayings about nutrition that many of us take for granted. While more research is being done, a theory for how adaptogens impact the adrenal glands can be best illustrated by Dr. Brenda Powell, co-medical director of the Center for Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic’s Wellness Institute:

“Adaptogens may do for your adrenal glands what exercise does for your muscles. When we exercise, it’s a stress on our body. But as we continue to train and exercise, our body becomes better at dealing with the stress of it, so we no longer get as tired or as high a heart rate,” she says. When you consume adaptogenic mushrooms and other adaptogens, “you’re training your body to handle the effects of stress.”

Dr. Powell suggests that adaptogenic mushrooms and plants “interact with the hypothalamic - pituitary - adrenal (HPA) axis and the sympathoadrenal system” to regulate and tweak the body’s hormonal stress response to operate in a normal capacity. On the molecular level, adaptogens help maintain a consistent balance in the hypothalamic, pituitary, and adrenal glands.

How to Take Adaptogens?

Health and wellness practitioners and those who study ancient Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic healing suggest combining or blending multiple adaptogens in order to achieve the best holistic adaptogen benefits, including supporting a healthy immune system. As the founder of Hanah Life, Joel Einhorn, said to Healthline: “It’s all about mixtures. The sum is greater than the parts. It’s synergistic.” Author of “The Complete Guide to Adaptogens,” Agatha Noveille concurs, “The use for many adaptogens includes the overall tonic or blending benefits that come when we take adaptogens together.”

Those searching for mushroom supplements for immune system boosting will find them in their local natural and organic grocery store, vitamin store or at an online tea store or tea manufacturer. Like vitamins, adaptogenic mushroom supplements, the best immune boosters, and other adaptogenic mushroom supplements and adaptogen powders are often available in capsule form. Adaptogenic mushroom supplements for immune system boosting are also quite prevalent as adaptogenic tinctures and adaptogenic powders in many health food stores and represent good options. However, it quickly gets expensive to create your own adaptogen blend by using multiple adaptogenic mushroom supplements for immune system boosting in conjunction with other adaptogenic supplements or adaptogen powders.

For those people who enjoy smoothies or protein shakes, many new adaptogen mushroom blends or adaptogen powders are now emerging as more people become aware of the benefits of adding adaptogenic mushrooms to your diet. While adaptogen powders are a great option, the limiting factor of having to have a cupboard full of other ingredients to mix with your adaptogen mushroom blend to make it tasty can be daunting for many. Then there’s the clean-up which makes for an inconvenient experience when using most adaptogen mushroom blends and powders.

As mentioned earlier, sales for adaptogenic mushroom elixirs, also known as adaptogen coffee “alternatives” have spiked as many seek the benefits of adaptogens via adaptogen drinks. Again, the limiting factor with most of these adaptogen drinks is often taste and thus including other flavors or sweeteners into your adaptogen drink is often required.

For the purposes of convenience, cost and taste, brewing and drinking a great-tasting mushroom adaptogen tea from online tea supplier Packed with Life features a flavorful adaptogen blend packed with many other natural and organic adaptogens might be one of the better choices. A great-tasting, adaptogen tea can’t get much easier: purchase one product from the online tea store, place 1 teabag in a cup, pour in boiling water, wait 5 min and enjoy.

What to Expect?

Don’t expect an overnight change in the way that you feel, but rather expect noticeable differences as you consistently stick with your adaptogenic diet. According to Einhorn, “Adaptogens aren’t like anti-anxiety medications. You won’t take them and immediately notice less stress. Adaptogens take a while to build up and work on the body, so take them for at least two to three weeks before thinking too much about the effect.”

While there are no expected side effects with the consumption of adaptogens, those on prescription medication should check with their doctors for any potential drug interactions just to be safe. Likewise, pregnant or lactating women should first consult their physicians prior to consuming any supplements.

Generally, most people notice that mushroom adaptogens and other plant-based adaptogens help them sleep better, are slower to be triggered by stress, and can better deal with the challenges that daily life presents.

As with any new behavior, simply adding adaptogens to your diet might not provide the miracle for stress relief that you’re seeking. In addition to adding adaptogens to your diet, consider making holistic changes to your diet by eating less sugars and refined foods. Further, best results will likely be achieved by adding in meditation and or an exercise program to your routine in order to better handle stress.

While, yes, it will cost you some money to add adaptogens to your diet, a mushroom adaptogen tea can be a cost effective way to add several, diverse adaptogens to your diet while certainly being cheaper and more enjoyable than dealing with a multitude of stress-induced issues.

In today’s crazy world, there is certainly a lot to take in and a lot of important decisions to be made about health, wellness, and how to naturally maintain a strong immune system. As far as mushroom adaptogens and plant-based adaptogens go, they appear to be a strong natural alternative for boosting the immune system in the face of stress. Those looking for mushroom supplements for immune system boosting or other mushroom adaptogenic supplements should consider the great-tasting Packed With Life Immune A Tea from the online tea store. Packed with Life contains the best immune booster mushrooms (including Reishi mushroom benefits, Cordyceps mushroom benefits, Chaga mushroom benefits and Lion’s Mane mushroom benefits) along with 12 other organic and great tasting adaptogenic herbs.


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