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Ashley On the Benefits of Mushrooms with Denis Vidmar, Mushroom Hub Founder (Rough Transcript)

Hello, today's show is with Denis Vidmar, he's the founder of the mushroom hub in Detroit, Michigan. Denis, you're gonna enjoy this show, Denis is a second generation mushroom farmer, global experience has lived all over the world, and he's just really passionate about mushrooms and the benefits that they have for health and wellness, talks a lot about... Now, shares a story about how cortices actually was. Coryceps mushroom was a secret ingredient that the Chinese used, everybody thought they were doping, and in one of the recent Olympics and turned out that they weren't, it was just drinking Coryceps tea, which is a fantastic story, speaks directly to the energy and the recovery benefits of mushrooms. Just a really good conversation. He's quite passionate about it, as I said, and I think you're really gonna enjoy this show... Thanks so much. As always, today's show is brought to you by Packed with life online tea store, the best immune booster and all day decaf energy. I don't do caffeine, as I've said many times, and like most, I still look for that boost of energy in the afternoon, and I don't want anything that's gonna keep me awake at night to be involved in that, obviously, I'm looking for a strong immune system given today's global situation, and online to manufacture Packed with life has a fantastic tea that I drink over ice every day, it's loaded with four mushrooms, reishi, Lion’s mane, chaga and cordyceps, plus 12 organic adaptions to give it a great flavor. You should give it a try if you're looking for immune system boost or energy boost without caffeine, get yours today at the Packed with life online tea store,, use code Ashley on for 20% off and free shipping. Have a great day.

How are you today? Doing wonderful. Or how are you? Good, thank you for joining us. The mushroom hub in Detroit. Mushrooms are big in Detroit, to tell us about that. Please welcome to the show.

Thank you very much. Mushrooms are big everywhere. I mean, we're just catching on, right. Mate Asian cultures, certain European cultures have been obsessed with mushrooms for centuries, they've kept it as hidden secret, and now the spotlight of the West always... When the West puts a spotlight on something than the whole world says, Oh look, the West made it cool while the rest of the regions of the planet were keeping it hidden to assure that they can have the longevity of life that masses present.

Wow, well said. As I understand it, you are a second generation mushroom farmer and... Tell us about that.

Well, I remember I consider myself a second generation fungi in a foster, but now I'm a farmer like my dad... My dad is a mycologist, I grew up on mushrooms in Asia, Europe, North America, and now I run and everything to be company, the Mushroom Hub Company, and we've launched the mushroom hub being one of our brands, which is a direct retail mushroom and truffle boutique that we plan to spread across the North American continent to provide people the goodness of mushrooms, hands-on. So I was very blessed growing up, seeing my dad loving what He does when... Teachers used to ask me, What do you wanna do when you grow up? I said, I wanna be like my dad. And they said, Oh, you wanna be a much... You guys say, No, I just wanna jump out of bed and love what I do, and it just turned out the mushrooms really... In 2008, I joined my dad's Maroon College, just to help out the family. The recession hit at the time, everything took a down term, people were losing everything, and I jumped in to help my family out, and muses got part of me maybe was the fact that I started eating mushrooms on a day-to-day basis daily...

My breakfast in the morning was walking through the farm and picking fresh Carmine on the bed and just enjoying that succulent first bite of that fresh Crimea my mouth, and I think that just took over my senses took over my being, and here I am today, panthera in the tears enjoys the mustard in my life.

That's awesome. So a lot of questions for you, I'm very into the trend in health in US and wellness in general, and mushrooms are certainly a part of that. Tell us a little bit about... You're kind of alluding to the consciousness that mushrooms possess in terms of where your life has gone with regards to consuming them, I'm interested in what your thoughts are and just the general benefits of healthiness for people from consuming mushrooms.

Paul Stamets recently launched a couple of years back, fantastic fungi available on iTunes that Netflix. I highly suggest I don't get the free version, they'll watch the free version, buy it and watch it every so often, because every time that you watch your gonna realize the different components of mushrooms and what they mean in our lives, and as the documentary... I believe that it would be in my opinion. It says that 650-plus million years ago, we separated from the kingdom phobia we are today because of fungi, and when I sit here and I look at all these trees around me, there's a mycelium network that connects all of them, and it's helping these trees Communicate and bring life to us and our planet, so the connectivity of mushrooms is just now gaining spotlight, I believe that the core... I believe that mushrooms are the reason why there's a vitamin D deficiency, not because they're here, but because we're not consuming enough of them, I believe that there is at least a dozen different diseases that people are battling today, which I believe the consumption of mushrooms on an ongoing basis would have helped that person achieve preventative methods in order to lure away from that disease.

When we walk into any force here in North America, one mushroom that you can pretty much see anywhere you go is the Turkey Tail mushroom, it is almost as if the planet is telling us, Hey, consume this mushroom.

Here I am.

Right? And the beautiful part about her is that you pick her and you come back a few months later, there she's again, and she's like, Take me again. Take me home, dry me. Make a tea out of it, make me a tincture, make me whatever you want to do. In essence with her, to allow her to do what she needs to do to make you be better and healthier... Right. We're in the market now, and you know convenience is the plague of our time, and so if we want everything quickly, right, but much from hub is a... I want people do four pounds of most a week, I eat for pontoons a week, some weeks I need five, six pounds depending on especially in the wild mushroom season, but I didn't get to that amount overnight. It took me a while to get to the point where I can say, Okay, now I know that 50% of my meals are mushroom, times even 100% of my meals mushrooms, right. So because of the convenience factor, we're seeing a lot of companies going into the business of mushrooms, and a lot of them are going for the wrong reasons, a lot of them are going Because trucking is what moves the world, Toronto, they're like, Oh, mushrooms are now the US HIPAA thing, so let's hop on the bandwagon and create a product, that's why people should be very cautious of different products that are coming on the market because you definitely want to make sure that you know where that product is coming from, whether it's sourced as locally as possible, and a lot of it is just good marketing, and it shouldn't be...

Health should not be good marketing help should be helped, and it should be a spear as possible, so that's what we do with the mushroom hub. To go in full circle is where we offer people the ability to say, You know what, I'm gonna challenge and for the next three to four weeks to five weeks, six weeks, I'm gonna eat a different mushroom each day, and I wanna see what it's gonna do for my health.

It's good, it's fantastic. And I love your passion for what you're doing and for the spreading the information, 'cause I think a lot of people just aren't unaware how... They don't necessarily have a knowledge, your understanding, so that's part of the objective of our show is to try to help just educate people and bring awareness towards better ways of living. And one of the things, I'm very familiar with, the immune system benefits of mushrooms and so forth, and I think I was reading on some of the press around you or maybe on your website somewhere, there was something they caught my eye and it was something about drop the pills, right. And that I'm always in favor of that. Like no matter what the situation is, drop the bills gets my attention. So tell us a little bit about what you mean by that, and specifically how mushrooms can help you drop the pills.

That is a very loaded question there, so it's loaded is because sometimes my opinion offense, people, because my opinion is based on the things that I've read and the things that I've seen, I'm not a pill guy.

I don't either. I don't worry about Fentanyl, if pill guys are listening... It's okay, I understand that. I understand it is part of the education is to try to bring people out of that, because I think most pill guys in general don't wanna be. Right, so is there a way that we can help educate them, that's the whole spirit of what I'm trying to bring forward.

We've lost our trust in the refrigerator, we've lost our trust in the food we consume, hence why we the morning have that Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, if they're stay Friday film open component, where it's like, Oh, I'm not getting enough fire and some taking this, I'm not getting vitamin B, 12 vitamin D, vitamin, you know all these different minerals and vitamins, and they're like, Well, you can't get it in food like... I get my iron from mushrooms and maybe it's the planet telling us You should only be consuming Morels at the specific time of the year, which is three to four or five weeks out of the year in different regions and so forth, that provide you the enough iron intake that your body may be requires for that amount of time, the issue to go back on the supplement component is that in the pill aspect, is that their numerous studies coming out even before my shoots that showcase the efficacy of supplements and how... I believe the number was like 80% of supplements on the market are actually all placebo, so they actually don't have the vitality that they're spreading on their marketing and handwrite such a gray zone, and where's the FDA and the supplement component, I believe it's still unregulated and I'm completely out of that supplement world, so I don't keep up with that, but when all of these companies now started jumping on the bandwagon of going into mushrooms, well, you can source that product locally, either by ingesting it fresh or ingesting a drive or process for that matter, or you're gonna go on the basis of wanting the biggest bang for your buck, which is you're gonna now source citing China.

Now, I grew up in China and an... I love China, and I consider it as one of my homes, but I also do understand what the Chinese are doing in regards to taking over certain markets, so when you're looking at the mushroom RET today in the supplement world, I think it's arguable to say the 95% of all Muslims PPL Mets in the market today are with ingredients out of China, and when we look at that component, now you have companies, yams, for example, they're a Canadian entity, they have mushroom ceramic mugs, excuse me. In China, they test... So the mushrooms are grown there in the most authentic environment, some outside, some indoors, and they test that product after it's process, they tested in the lab, and then they import that product into Canada or the United States, and they tested here to showcase the validity between the two labs to assure that that product is of quality, and then they sell it off to different mahican, so then we get into the marketing aspect where you have 15, 20, maybe 30, 40 different brands on the market which are utilizing the same source of that supplement in relationship to what you're consuming, I believe that the people on amore people, their old school mycologists, and they're doing good for their business and what they're trying to achieve, and any mushroom, in my opinion, in your system is better than no much room.

SO it goes down to what I believe strongly, which is I think we should take back our kitchen tables, and I believe that refrigerator should be our medicine cabinets, hence why I don't... I praise what they're doing, I just wish it was more vocal on the source component in a lot of these companies which say we source local, Well, fact that you buy it from another Canadian entity or another American entity, doesn't make that product local, it makes your relationship local, and you're helping and boosting it on other business, but that source of that product should always, in my opinion, be on the label because then allows the consumer to make a decision whether or not they're gonna support the small mushroom farmer at their farmers market and their teachers and their whatever else. Compared to this company, coloration able to get it on a much cheaper level and then create all these marketing agendas around it, so I think we're now getting... We've definitely entered the decade of mushrooms in North America, this is the era of fog and this decade of mushrooms, I believe that the companies that are battling it out today on the market, half of them will not be around in the next three to five years, and as we go along, more will enter mobile drop-out, and those that drop out, they're gonna drop out because the money was the factor first, because people will start to realize and understand the mushrooms are a product that should rather be in their refrigerator, rather in a pillar. At least I hope that's my mission.

Yeah, so basically you're saying, eat a healthy diet, and a lot of the issues that require pills go away and mushrooms are part of a healthy diet, and therefore you just in a better situation. You know.

When I hold talks in schools, my first question to children of all all ages is, what do you think when you think of potassium and everybody raised their hand, or if they all scream out Bananas... I say, very cool, but what if I told you there are mushrooms that have more potassium per serving than a banana. The reason why we associate potassium with banana is one hell of a marketing campaign by the melon industry and The Doles of the world, the fights of the world and the rest of it, while the mushroom industries a on failing there, because we have an industry where for 100 years, you have families that have been in the industry doing their thing, but the marketing was never there, they just pushed that product just like another item to be on the protocol, never actually outlining the significance of what it means to have that mushroom on the plate. Right when you walk into that produce is, and you look at all those vegetables and fruits, the only item in that aisle that has natural vitamin D, additionally the only item that you can take home exposed to the sun 30 minutes prior to cooking it, to gain additional vitamin D is mushrooms, and it doesn't matter which variety, each variety takes it in, and each variety has consistent potency of it, however, each one has different levels of potency, so for example, oysters and Inoki in 30 minutes will gain enough Vitamin D some...

Even there's a study out there that says 15 minutes while other mushrooms are up to 30 minutes, and so when you look at... When you then go on Google and you say, top 30 diseases that people are battling and the reasons behind what is the one common denominator for those 30 diseases? It's vitamin D deficiency. So why are we living in a world where our politicians and these big condiment companies are telling us Stay out of the sun, vitamin D, stay away from foods that contain vitamin D or push him down, like Why are we told...

You know the answer. Why is... But let's not go there. And I agree, with you 100%, I know the answer to. But yes, so convenience, back to your point earlier about convenience... Right, you said it so eloquently. What was it you said? Or How did you say it?

Convenience is the plague of our time.

There you go, the plague of our times, 'cause that's why everybody wants an immediate benefit, that's why everybody wants the pill, a diet and exercise program takes a little bit of time, it takes energy and focus and passion, and self-love and I think a lot of folks don't necessarily want to do that or are capable of doing that... Right.

, it's fear, it answer the fear component, because the more that you put yourself out there, the more fear you have because of failure, because we're... When The Food Network came out, and this is back in late 90s, early to Time, I think it's early 2000, and you look at the... You watch it for an hour. It's more for entertainment that people were watching them than actually cooking, because at the end of the show, when they did, there was a poll that they did in Toronto where it jokes like, how many foods you actually cook from Food Network, they're like, What we don't... Because we're so petrified of how it looks at the end, not knowing the 15 people to make that place load that beautiful at the end of that shot while they're at home and it looks messy and they're like, Oh, this can't be as good as that. Food should be messy. Not sometimes the apple that has the warm is taster than the apple that's all beautiful and shiny and great, because the application of chemicals that goes to make that product look that way is why we're battling cancer all the time.

So for me, the mushroom hub for me, when I worked for other companies in the industry and when I worked with companies like Whole Foods and such, my biggest education and one of my PhDs in the industry that I consider a PhD is talking to customers head-on and I would sit there and I was observed because when I was growing my business, I used to deliver it to a Whole Foods and then parked my truck and then go inside and cook for people, mushrooms to show them with what can be done in five minutes 10 minutes, seven minutes, 12 minutes. Because time is of the essence. So I would have a mom going through and two screaming children, and I noticed a microwave dinner that seven minutes to make. I say, Hey kids, are you hungry? And give him some Hitachi, three ingredients. And they bought take home mommy. This is so great. This is the list that I told, I was like, Ms. Took took me seven minutes to make this shit, you say seven minutes, so because obviously time is on your hand, because I'm looking at microwave dinner, I'm looking at craft dinners, those are all time components, the reason why you buy them, it's not because of this macOS, because for 12 minutes, you can have a meal where your kids are quiet, that you can do whatever you need to do, so how do we do that? How do we take that mentality of psychology buying, because according to Asian illegal for people to buy anything in the middle sections of a store, it should be one of those club things where it says, by entering, warning her...

By entering here, warning, or for that matter, I am trying... Here you're giving away your right to health, because that's what it comes down to is from that time from 2008 all the way like 2012-1314. I started designing my store, the mush from hub, which I said, wow, I was like, I want people to have the ability of what I have, which is I work with anywhere between 10 and 50 varieties of much of rothe year fresh. And I was like, How do I take all this product, put it under one shelf and then showcase to people what to do with that product, and then I have people who are like this big alternative meat market that's happening right now and so forth. Everybody's talking about the alternative need, he printed me now as a conversation in Singapore, he... God takes... And I keep saying, I was like, Guys, you're asking for me, motions, are here already. There's so many different components that mushrooms can help us to make the experiences back up. We've lost the kitchen table family or rarely sits down a week to have a meal together to share their experience of how their lives are going to share their problems, to be questioned, to be put on the spot, to gain courage, to gain passion, to gain love to gain, we've lost all of that and we've lost it because this device that I'm talking to you on it...

I was reading an article last week from a neurologist, a child oncologist out if... He's actually from Serbia, and he talks about how our world of different generations today, so disconnected because of these devices that we're utilizing right now, where how can we expect a child to sit in a classroom for two, three, four, five hours when we give them this device which gives them every single satisfaction and every up and every down within two minutes of utilizing it, that's where the instant gratification of... So I look at mushrooms as the solution to the world's problems, I look at mushrooms as a fascinating date way that will hopefully reunite the curiosity of the consumer and say, Hey, if Muslims can have the ability to give me what this experience that I'm having, what will garlic do what will broccoli do what we do in the rest of it. So it's not just mushrooms, it's light, and mushrooms or life.

That's great. And so you're very much... One of the things that I felt in terms of my own consumption of mushrooms is that I have more energy, and I'm a caffeine-free person, I don't drink caffeine, it bothers me, so I gave it up years ago, but like most people, I've experienced the afternoon walls and energy and such, and a lot of that goes away with a better diet, but one of the things that I've found that really helps is mushrooms with that, and you're direct evidence, you eat mushrooms four or five pounds a week, you say, and look at the energy that you have, right. So on what I call all-day decaf energy. What do you have to say about that?

0:25:10.6 S2: I walk by them in the locking cooler and I will look at them and I'll just pick him up and go make them, because something tells me that I need to eat her for whatever reason. I don't know what it is. For me, it's a feeling. And I think that feeling comes with consuming so much of it, that I know what the result is going to be, that is that Lord, because I know what I can do with olive pepper salt, and sometimes without either of the three just sprinkle water in an air prior, oh my God, it's like, You don't need... It's not complex. You're not going to school when you go and cooking, you're literally listening to your taste buds and allowing to achieve what it can achieve naturally. Simple, effective, delicious nutritious. That's what mustard for me when I got into mushrooms, I start on the garside. So we were growing kamini Portobello mushrooms, communis, to me. I don't understand, and if any Agarose farms are listening to your podcast, I highly suggest offering people in your communities to come early in the morning, don't invite your pickers to the farm, invite people to come and try those sent Crimini meshes fresh off the bed, because when you taste that mushroom, that Epica in that moment in time, your whole perspective on how to cite changes, now there's of course talking the aspect that mushroom should not be consumed, raw.

That is 100% accurate. Mushrooms do have Chien in their cell wall, which a lot of us cannot process, so you can over time build up that toxic component, which can eventually... There are some people that say that they'll turn red after consuming or things that... Nothing dangerous as eating a toxic mushroom that's deadly... Right from the wild. But there is something of essence also, when you go down that path, and then when I got them... When I got into the lab much, but then I was like, Oh my God, what's going on here? But called on a second, but your foot down, it was overwhelming because I was like, What? Three variety, Seven Brides, 10 varieties up to 144000 varieties outwit, not all are edible, but starting to work with 10, 15, 20 varieties and taking each one just in a pan and realizing what they do, and then just going about my day... For example, my introduction to cortisone, she told me about coracoid, never seen him before a whole courses or home, ballast, 10000 plus species within the court of is family. And I have a shot of the team, like literal shot, and I was a collocated, I was over on...

I read a report how some Olympics prior... I don't know if it was winter or summer, I forget that fact, but the Chinese Olympic team was accused of doping because they won so many metals, and in the end, it happened that they were drinking Cordyceps tea before each of their events, and so they're like Well, no, we didn't do any dopamine while we didn't score to subset. And so when people tell me, You know, Oh, mushrooms can't help me, or this... I was like, Look, don't tell me you hate mushrooms. There's a lot of people when they come to me and they say, I hate mushrooms. That hurts my feelings because again, going back to the fact that all these streets are connected by the mycelium network, the root of all mushrooms mutate fruiting body of mycelium, and I say, Look, that is such a strong word. Do you hate a person... You may not like something, that's fine, but we must respect it

When people hate is never a good word, and then he says, I never...

Right. And so when I tell them, I was said, Okay. You had mentioned... Okay, good. I was like A, do you work out? Yeah, work or do you have trouble after he said, Yeah, you know, especially if I don't go to the gym two or three times, if I miss my spot because I work or this... I was like, Okay. I was like, How about you try this equates just a really, really cool delicious, and they hop on to it when they follow the regimen, and they called me, they all... Dennis, what is this? It's much room. They're like, What? Wait, but I don't like the texture. I was like, This is the conversation that we're just starting right now, and people need to be amazed by everything that Mustaine us. I was recently speaking to somebody who told me again, they ate mushrooms, and I said... And I looked at it and said, You know that's again, a very strong word, and I said, Do you have anybody in your family that had a transplant and organ transplant? And they say, Yeah, I have. I was like, Do you love that person? Oh, I love that person.

So you're glad that person is here today... Yes, I am. Well, the reason why that person is here today is because of a mushroom called Clampett, which actually allows your body to accept that foreign organ instead of rejecting me. So you may not like the texture muses, you may think they grow that all must growing through, they don't... All the mushrooms on our menu here today in Detroit and in winter are vegan, considered recon mushrooms, other than the wild or we don't know what animal cost by that point in time and Egmont, but we really have to sit back and not put a wall up. We have to be receptive of the possibility of, number one, being open to being wrong, every time before I walk outside my house, I always tell myself, today be prepared to be proven wrong, today be open to grow... Today, be open to learn. I don't know everything about mushrooms, but every day I try to know more, because every time that I read about much... Then I learned something new, I'm like, Oh my God, how much I don't know. So although... And time is the biggest factor where I'm today...

It took me 15 years to get to where him today, to understand that when I drink the cordyceps tea is because I need more energy. I drink recite or cheat, when I know I miss sleep, I missed that deep quality sleep, I turned cereal and I turned to racing, when I feel an overall just feeling of depletion, I turned to Chaga, I turned to my talk... When I feel like I'm constantly getting these brain fog events, I turned to Lion's Mane, I don't eat every much from every single day, I constantly am mixing up, I'm constantly changing things up on the basis of listening to my circadian rhythm, listening to my body... I also fast, and the first thing, a lot of people say you should break your fast with a fat, I do, I break it with olives and then I add mushrooms, because I find that... I find that the relationship between us and help is us listening first, that's the first step of all of it and... Yeah, this is where I'm gonna be in three years, five years, 15 years. You'll definitely be with mushrooms, but now, now I'm in a part of hoping that by the end of this decade, we will have multiple stores of the mushroom Hub across the region where people will have the ability to come into the store and really open up their mind and realize that it's an investment in them, it's an investment in time in health, nothing happens overnight.

I hate the pill component, going back to the pill aspect, because people think that by popping a pill, everything solved, it's not...

Pills are just to create more problems for you.

Yeah, we gotta go to the risks, the risk is where the issues at, so how do we get to that risk factor, and I believe that by adding mushrooms to your meals, and you don't have to start adding mushrooms to every meal like I do, but start incorporating one variety of much from every single day going forward, and if you're... And that's why the story now, you know, I've become a lot more open-minded in regards to working with different companies, so that we have functional mushroom bars by own bowl, we have... They actually have two different style of pills, one is for energy pill and one is for sleep with ratio and so forth, and then there's a brief powders and so forth, because I'm saying, Okay, I hope that at least you'll buy two pounds of machines a week or two pounds, very two weeks or three weeks, so that you're taking in the natural fresh component, all while adding these other things into your regular component, so if you're a smoothie person, you'll take the powders... If you like the bar component, you have the bar, so you have different options into what is comfortable to you rather than me shattering you and saying, Oh, you got all these varieties, you gotta cook it now...

Yeah, that's great. I appreciate your time, like I said, and your passion, Dennis, it's been great talking to you, and I believe you also have got the packed with life tea now available at your store, right?

Amen. Yes, sir. We got the samples yesterday, but the ship should be arriving today tomorrow, and then that will be just another add-on actually, definitely that will... It seems like it's gonna become one of my favorites, so I'm gonna keep giving it a shot because of the different variety of components that is included.

We don't love to get your feedback on it as we go forward, 'cause there's gonna be new... I know they have plans to develop new skus and extensions with success from this first one, that's then...

And I'm happy to hear that. And once we open up the full store right now, we're in our first phase here in Detroit, once we open up the full story in about two to three weeks, we're actually going to allow different people, anybody that walks through the sort to actually try what we provide that for... Because we want... I want every person walking through our door to hold us accountable when I tell you I guarantee this box for two weeks, I guarantee the box for two weeks... But you gotta listen to what I say in order for me to tell you that, yes. You follow what it is. And this is what happens, right? So I look at the future as being extremely nutritious, I look at it as that nutritious to really enlighten our minds and mushrooms we should heal ourselves find within first before we go into any other path forward, so the future is definitely going to be better. Just on the fact that you and I just have this conversation, which seems to be happening more and more, and I'm super thankful for that, and I appreciate your opportunity and interest in having this conversation a dentist.

It's been great talking to you, and I look forward to getting to know you more, and we'll have you back in a few months and you'll have more stories to tell about how the store is developing and experiences with customers and such.

And I signed a document yesterday which is going to even have more things on our platter, so in three to four months, we'll definitely be able to showcase even more what we're doing for the communities, and I'm super, super happy. Super proud of my team, and if you don't know what you're doing in life today, come to mushrooms. Yeah.

As always. This episode is brought to you by packed with Life tea. I always talk about how much I love it, and my pack with life TES fantastic. And I don't what any sweeter or anything like that, just great tasting it, packed with organic adaptations, including the four key mushrooms, Lion's Mane, Chaga, Cordyceps and Reishi, of course, it tastes great is hot to as well, if that's your thing. And some people like that a little bit of honey, but either way, no matter how you like your tea, you're gonna love it and it will boost your immune system, brain, lungs and gut, that's why it's packed with life. So get yours today, impact with life dot com, not a great day. In a listen in to on nothing but the truth for a better you and me.

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