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What's the Best Immune Booster?

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

“What immune booster tea is best for a cold?” “Please add the best immune booster shot” We are hearing something like this more and more these days with fear of viral infections running at an all-time high and people looking to boost their immune system via beverages and supplements.. But, what is meant by the best immune booster? How do we boost our immune system? How does that even work? Why is tea among the best immune boosters when it comes to the cold and flu?

Our bodies represent amazing technologies and we are literally wired to stay alive under very difficult conditions. Most of what our bodies do to keep us alive and thriving is hidden to our everyday consciousness; as most of us aren’t really aware of the many systems that run on auto-pilot within our bodies when we are healthy and in homeostasis, or balance.

That’s a good thing, because can you imagine if we had the added stress in our lives of having to consciously control our cardiovascular system, central nervous system, skeletal system, digestive system, endocrine system, circulatory system, renal system, and respiratory system? Wow - it would be totally overwhelming.

While we fortunately don’t have to be conscious of all of these systems, we do need to be conscious of what it takes to maintain a strong and healthy immune system. This is because our immune system keeps all of these other systems running and on performance specs for our continued survival. So, it’s kind of important to pay attention to what it takes to keep our immune system functioning at an optimal level, hence the concept of “immune boosters”.

Before understanding how to boost the immune system, let’s first discuss how to keep the immune system in balance from the very beginning so that the need for the best tea for a cold and cough is minimized. Hipocrates famously penned for us to “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Or something close to that. Hipocrates was onto something very important because as we know now, we are what we eat!

Our immune system can be naturally strengthened by the fuel that we give our bodies in the form of foods and beverages and our immune system can be naturally weakened by the fuel that we give our bodies in the form of foods and beverages. It’s really pretty simple: eating a diet rich in fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and low in carbohydrates is good for your health and thus good for your immune system.

Most people get the basic diet concept of immune system health, but it’s important to specifically point out that to have the most healthy immune system, people should also make it a point to avoid (or limit) fast foods, fried foods, processed foods, and excessive alcohol consumption. Further, getting the right amount of exercise and sunshine (natural vitamin D) helps give your body the right nutrients and energy to convert your diet into a healthy immune response.

If you eat all the right things but don’t exercise or get out in the sunshine, then your body’s immune system won’t be operating at an optimal level. Exercise is needed to keep your body's circulation and cells moving so that the job of supporting the immune system can be accomplished.

While having a consistently healthy diet and exercise routine is the most important aspect of maintaining a healthy and strong immune system, many of us want to give our immune system an additional boost. We want immune boosters either because we want to pursue maximum health, or more likely, because we find it very difficult to consistently live up to the best diet and exercise routines due to life’s challenges.

When thinking about the best immune boosters, most natural and organic wellness experts will think first of adaptogenic mushrooms, plants, herbs and spices. These organic adaptogens are specialty foods (or supplements) which, when added to our diets, help our bodies “adapt” to the stresses our immune system faces from challenging environmental conditions.

Ancient Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic healing techniques have utilized adaptogenic mushrooms, plants, herbs and spices for centuries and found that tea proved to be the best immune booster due to its easy absorption into the body. This is likely where the concept of having the best hot tea for a cold originated.

Some examples of common the best immune supporting adaptogens include Reishi mushroom, Lion’s Mane mushroom, Cordyceps mushroom, and the adaptogen Chaga mushroom. Also, spices like Turmeric, Ginger, Cinnamon, and Cacao are considered to be supportive of boosting the immune system as are herbs and teas such as Rooibos, Green Matcha, Bhrami and others. Adaptogens are theorized to work better, i.e., have a stronger immune boosting response, when they are consumed in blends or combinations of multiple adaptogenic mushrooms, plants, herbs and spices; again perhaps the reason for always having the best tea for a cold on hand when sick.

These adaptogenic mushrooms, plants, herbs and spices work as supportive immune boosters by helping our bodies adapt to or better manage life’s stresses. When we are better able to manage and control stress, then we are often better able to sleep. Better sleep is a common “side-effect” of adding multiple adaptogens to one’s diet. Getting enough consistent, uninterrupted sleep (6-8 hours for most adults) is a critical health diagnostic which in turn impacts the immune system. Much like getting enough exercise is required to keep our immune system cells moving, getting enough sleep is also required in order to allow our powerful immune system to recharge itself and fight to keep us healthy.

Anyone looking to add potentially supportive immune boosters into their diets can do so either by adding them to meals, as supplements (capsules or tinctures), or via new adaptogenic teas and beverages that are emerging. Each immune booster approach has some trade-offs:

● Adding immune boosters to meals, shakes, or smoothies is complicated, can impact flavor, and has associated clean up requirements

● Supplements are easy, but it quickly gets expensive when you’re trying to add multiple adaptogens to your diet

● Beverages containing various adaptogenic blends are convenient, but many don’t taste very good.

This last point is why we decided to create the Packed with Life tea manufacturer and online tea store. Packed with Life is the best tea for a cold because it’s going to help support your immune system. We wanted to offer a great-tasting, immune supporting tea that contained multiple adaptogenic mushrooms, plants, herbs and spices. With our Original Mushroom Blend featuring Turmeric and Ginger, we have achieved our goal by including 4 adaptogenic mushrooms and 12 other organic adaptogens; it’s what we call Packed with Life.

When you have a cold or flu - or, better yet, to help you avoid getting a cold or flu - having a strong immune system is the key variable that will give you an advantage. So, when thinking about the best tea for a cold, we really should be considering what new habit can be introduced that supports my immune system now and into the future.

By incorporating adaptogenic mushrooms, including Reishi, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane and the adaptogen Chaga into our diets, we are boosting our immune systems in order to have better defense against all of the germs we face. Germs are everywhere, they aren’t new, they aren’t going away, and yet clearly new ones are being introduced into our environments all the time. Since complete isolation is not a healthy option, we must instead better understand how to naturally strengthen our immune system to be more resilient against these new germs.

The best defense to this reality is having a strong offense that focuses heavily on diet and exercise. It’s astonishing that so many people choose to ignore the critical importance of properly fueling their bodies with nutritious food and supplements. While the concept of “boosting” one’s immune system is on point, the concept truly should be focused on “maintaining or strengthening” via a consistently healthy diet.

So, the best immune booster tea for a cold and flu is to drink the adaptogenic mushroom tea from Packed With Life Immune A Tea everyday hoping to avoid getting the cold in the first place. In doing so, you’ll be getting the many nutrients from four immune-boosting mushroom adaptogens and 12 other organic adaptogens delivered in a highly bioavailable manner: by drinking tea. Adaptogenic Packed With Life Immune A Tea may provide natural immune system support along with having potential for:

● Healthy immune system and lungs

● Natural, focused energy and attention

● Healthy heart

● Calm, healthy brain and positive mood

● Healthy digestion, cholesterol, weight loss

Tea supplier, Packed With Life helps you add 16 adaptogens to your diet via our proprietary adaptogen blend. Wellness practitioners generally agree that adaptogens work best when used in combination with each other. In the Packed With Life Immune A Tea product for instance, there are 4 adaptogenic mushrooms and 12 other organic, adaptogenic herbs and spices for a total of 16 natural and organic adaptogens. Below is the adaptogens list of all that are included in Packed With Life Immune A Tea:

● Reishi mushroom

● Cordyceps mushroom

● Lion’s Mane mushroom

● Chaga mushroom

● Rooibos

● Matcha Green Tea

● Fo-Ti Root

● Astragalus

● Brahmi

● Turmeric

● Ginger

● Cinnamon

● Black Pepper

● Cacao

● Chili

● Pomegranate

Don’t wait until you have the cold or flu to start looking for the best immune booster for a cold and flu. The best tea for cold and flu is one that supports your ability to avoid the cold and flu in the first place. By packing in 16 immune-boosting adaptogens, Immune A Tea is Packed with Life.

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