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What's Your Pact with Life?

Packed with 16 natural and organic adaptogens, Packed with Life tea is gaining traction as one of the best immune boosting teas. While people love our mushroom tea for energy, delicious refreshment, and for a healthy, alkaline-friendly coffee alternative, we are often asked about the meaning of our brand name. “Cool name - what does Packed with LifeTM mean?”

In choosing a brand name for our tea and online tea store, we wanted to pick something that was broadly descriptive of three key brand pillars: Product Ingredients, our General Approach to Nutrition and our Pact with LifeTM Philosophy.

Product Ingredients

Functional mushrooms are gaining popularity as the best immune boosters given their amazing benefits to health and wellness including supporting a strong immune system, brain, heart and gut. Packed with Life packs in four of the most popular functional mushrooms in Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps and Chaga. Since mushrooms are not easily digested by humans without first being brewed or cooked, we chose to create a tea as our first product in order to deliver the maximum health benefits from these mushrooms.

While most mushroom beverages aren’t great tasting, Packed with Life is different. By “packing in” 12 organic adaptogens on top of the four featured mushrooms, we created an amazingly distinctive, light, zesty and refreshing flavor with hints of ginger and cinnamon. Refreshment starts with a pleasant flavor, because if it doesn’t taste good then it can’t be refreshing! By packing in a delicious flavor, we are ensuring that refreshment can occur.

The included organic adaptogens are Ginger, Cinnamon, Cacao, Brahmi, Rooibos, Foti-Root, Astragalus, Green Matcha, Turmeric, Black Pepper, Chilis, and Pomegranate and all provide multiple benefits to health and wellness in addition to creating a delicious flavor. For instance, we selected each of these adaptogenic herbs and spices for our Packed with Life ImmuneAtea product because each has been linked to supporting a strong immune system.

Beyond creating the best immune booster tea, the organic adaptogens included in Packed with Life ImmuneAtea also provide natural energy with less caffeine than is found in decaf coffee while also supporting a healthy heart, brain and gut! Given this exceptional level of positive health and wellness impact provided by our delicious tea, the Packed with Life name made sense for it.

While all 16 natural and organic ingredients in Packed with Life support a strong immune system, 13 of the 16 ingredients packed into the tea also deliver all-day, decaf energy. This makes Packed with Life tea an ideal beverage for those looking to restore normal sleep patterns in order to positively impact one’s energy.

General Approach to Nutrition

Unfortunately, nutrition is something that is not broadly taught, chemicals are packed into processed foods which dominate the diets of most Americans, and the media primarily portrays food in terms of on-the-go taste and indulgence. Meanwhile, obesity and diabetes are at all-time highs and many are left with immune systems that cannot handle a derivative of the common cold.

As the father of medicine, Hippocrates, famously said thousands of years ago “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. Unfortunately, those that do not understand history are doomed to repeat it. Food is so far from being considered “medicine” in today’s American culture that one can easily understand how ignorance is bliss – until it's not.

As Hippocrates understood, healthy eating is critical to life and many foods have healing properties beyond just being good for you. There is no escaping the reality that we are what we eat. One who ignores this reality may not have a poor quality of life today, but s/he will pay later with poor health, medical bills, drug prescriptions and lack of joy. It's simply a matter of time for those that make poor nutrition choices.

Packed with Life tea was created to be a healthy supplement for those that are already on the right track with nutrition and to be a possible spark for those not yet on the nutrition train to begin thinking about their choices. A strong immune system extends far beyond protecting against the common cold and its derivatives. A strong immune system plays a role in arming the body’s defenses against debilitating age-related diseases such as Alzheimers, early Dementia and Parkinson’s disease.

Many people experience lulls in energy and seek caffeine as a way to boost their energy. While caffeine works for many people, many of us are looking to avoid caffeine and its peaks, valleys, jitters and residual sleep disruptions. Eating a healthy diet can help naturally smooth out one's energy flow and allow natural sleep patterns to emerge. Packed with Life tea was designed to support this process. With less caffeine than in a cup of decaf coffee and packed with healthy adaptogens and mushrooms, Packed with Life tea delivers natural, all-day decaf energy that was recently called “a miracle” by Denver’s 5280 Magazine.

Pact with Life Philosophy

Our view is that life is short, so each of us should make a Pact with Life to do our best to pack each day full of only good stuff! That means making good choices about our friends, our entertainment, our activities and, of course, our food. While no one is expected to be perfect, in our view one should simply be open to continuous improvement each and every day.

While most of us hopefully don’t spend too much time around people that we don’t enjoy, please do consider counseling if you are in a toxic relationship. Again, life is too short.

However, entertainment choices and activities can also have a very strong negative or positive impact on our lives. For instance, one who regularly watches “the news” or toxic reality TV programming and eats processed food while getting little to no exercise, is more likely to have a poor quality of life compared to an active, non-TV viewer who eats right and exercises regularly.

While this comparison is extreme, our view is that one’s vibration is impacted in totality by his/her entertainment and activity choices; so careful consideration should be given every day to these choices and to making improved choices. Making a Pact with Life means choosing healthy activities such as meditation, prayer, yoga, weight training, exercise, laughing with friends, attending a church service, listening to music, volunteering at the food bank, helping your neighbor move a table, etc. - as opposed to watching television or violent movies.

As for food, the primary reason to avoid GMOs and to eat organic food as much as possible is to avoid the poisonous RoundUpTM pesticide, as GMO plants are genetically modified to accept having Roundup sprayed on them. While RoundUp won’t kill these plants, Bayer (the owner of RoundUp) has paid out dozens of millions of dollars recently to families who have experienced deaths from a variety of cancers proven to be caused by RoundUp.

By making a Pact with Life to avoid GMO foods, one is certainly choosing a more difficult path in terms of food convenience and expense, but is poison really considered food? In fact, given that food is supposed to be medicine according to Hippocrates, it can be argued that organic food is the only real food.

By adding the best immune boosting tea, ImmuneAtea from the Packed with Life online tea store, into a weekly routine, our customers enjoy support for a strong immune system, all-day decaf energy, and a strong, focused brain. Along the way, our hope is that the Packed with Life brand and online tea store is able to help others make a Pact to improve their Lives with good food and beverage choices.

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